Sundriven® Age Defying UV Wear

Daily exposer to the sun’s UV rays causes 90% of of aging skin. Be confident in Sundriven's® age-defying UV Wear. Scientifically tested to protect against skin cancer, free-radical damage & premature aging. Advanced botanical micro-fibers regulate body temperature keeping you happy and stylish in any weather.

Love Sun Beauty

  • What makes sun protection clothing work

    Sun protection clothing may look and feel like your average, everyday apparel, but the fabric is specially developed to prevent UV rays from passing through. 

    UPF apparel is most effective when the fabric is tightly constructed, meaning there is very little space between yarns. Sundriven’s luxurious PrioriTec fabric is made with a unique closed looping system that prevents UVA/UVB rays from passing through the fibers. Intentionally designed to be lightweight and effective at blocking 98% of UVA/UVB ray’s, perfect for warmer or hot climates. It’s important to look for UPF apparel that is constructed with special fabrics that boosts ventilation, like Sundriven™ products, to keep you temperature regulated year-round.

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